“Futures look dangerous at first. Nine out of ten traders go bust in their first year. As you look closer, it becomes clear that the danger is not in the futures but in the people who trade them”
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Been in Exile for A While

Dear Everyone,
First, let get the thing cleared. I have been not writing in this blog quite along time. Well, I have been trying to quit in this field but I guess my love for the market too deep to let it go. For the past few months I started a totally different field, situation, condition, people and of course different atmosphere.

Inhale....Exhale....No More Bones... No More Bones.....

To tell you the truth. There were conditions that made me not continuing to write. Couple things happened and I tried to clear my mind, and did something else, even it was totally new and I had to start all over again almost from scratches. Experience that, I get more knowledge. and I decide I will share what I know to all of you who wanna learn more about trading. I prefer to write psychology to market update. From that you will know what I've known and learned.
Just wait for my article, In no time I will write again and forgive me if my writing is not a good one, cause I am just a Beginner, hoping a good miracle. That's why I title this blog "Beginner's Luck" 

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are back......